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> Can I become a customer of Micquel Groen, Green         Inspiration?

> How do I become a customer?

> When can I start shopping?


> What is the difference between the departure date and   delivery date?

> If I place an order, when will it be delivered?

> What is the cut-off for orders?

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using the WEBSHOP

> How do I place an order?

> Where can I find my order confirmation?

> Can I order products in the long term?

> I can't log in, why?

Micquel Groen Green Inspiration


> Will I receive a delivery timeslot?

> I expect a delivery, but I am not there, what should I do?

> What about collecting the empty trolleys?

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after sales service

> What if I'm not happy with my order?

> When do I receive my invoice?

> Is there warranty on the products?

> How can I easily order the same product again?

Micquel Groen Green Inspiration

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If you have any questions about our services, we are always available by email and you can call us on 

01865 521641

how to become a customer

1. Fill in the form
Our digital application form easily guides you through the application process, so we get all the necessary information at once.
2. we'll get started
As soon as we receive your application, we will start working on it, and will contact you to discuss your requirements.
3. simply order!
Once all the information has been processed, you will receive your login details for the webshop, and from there make your selection and place your order!