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"Plants are our passion, passion is our energy"

Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration is a family-run and owned plant wholesale that has supplied an excellent range of indoor and outdoor plants to the United Kingdom for the last 16 years. From 2004 until September 2019 by van sales and since October 2019 by an up-to-date webshop. Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration, is focused on providing quality service and quality plants to our customers, UK's independent garden centres and retailers. We offer an extensive range of houseplants, seasonal plants and garden plants from high caliber growers throughout Europe in our up-to-date webshop.

Long term relationship Micquel Groen, Green inspiration.


We believe in long term relations, serving from person to person, with respect for your own distinctive identity. By visiting over sixty independent garden and plant centres per week in the UK, we know which plant “must haves” you need in your assortment for that particular moment of the season/year. We can contribute to the optimization of selection you can offer, for your garden and houseplants, plus advise you about the flawless presentation of the plants at your plant areas.
Supplier of quality house and garden plants to United Kingdom garden centres.


We know you can buy your plants anywhere. So why buying plants from Micquel Groen? Because of our focus. Our focus is on our unrivaled service, the quality of the plants and our up-to-date, easy to use webshop. Service in the way of our sales reps visiting and advising you, face to face, by phone or Whats App. Service in the way of the delivery to your centre, by our own lorries and qualified drivers. We add some of our unique business, our passion, creativity and knowledge, to your business, all person to person, with dedication.

teamwork makes the dream work

Micquel Groen Sales Director.


Sales director

Purchase Director - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Purchase director

Managing director and marketing - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Managing director / Marketing

Chief warehouse - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Chief warehouse

Lady of accounts - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Lady of accounts

Student all rounder - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Student / all rounder

Plants Delivery driver Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration


Legendary delivery driver

Plants Delivery driver - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Trucker delivery driver

Plants Delivery Driver - Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration.


Horticultural delivery driver

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