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We like to share our passion for plants and our horticultural knowledge.   

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The webshop of Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration provides the breath and depth of houseplants which is truly second to none!

The webshop is filled with the latest trends in houseplants but also with the evergreens. Buy per tray or layer, whatever suits your business. 

Also available; value houseplants. Good quality houseplants for a smaller price.

Green Inspiration Plants Ltd.


As a buyer of plants you need a supplier with an inexhaustible range all year round. On the webshop of Micquel Groen, Green Inspiration you can choose from a huge range of plants and trees direct from the grower. Depending on the time of the season, we try to display photos on the webshop as up-to-date as possible. Minimum order should be 2 trolleys per order. If you combine your garden plant order with your houseplant order, this should not be a problem. All in one order, one delivery to reduce your company's environmental footprint. 
Green Inspiration Plants Ltd.

mediterranean PLANTS

Buy your Mediterranean plants online at Green Inspiration Plants Ltd.

Olive trees, palms, topiary plants, you can all buy it online, approved by Defra and including the necessary plant passports and papers.

Bart regularly travels to Italy and selects the best range.

View the current range in the webshop. If you can't find it on the webshop, we are always happy to surge it up!

All prices, mentioned in the webshop includes import costs and delivery costs.

Green Inspiration Plants Ltd.